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In case you missed it; the ASU/Wisco Conclusion.

by Jon Henseler

I don't really know what else to add to this but I figured in case someone missed it here is a quality video that shows the chaos that was the end of the Arizona State/Wisconsin game. This site  does an excellent job of breaking it down second by second like the Kennedy Assassination as well. Just an absolute abomination of officiating. Even Lance Easley knew how to spot the ball (?). Just as a disclaimer though, if you did dedicate almost 4 hours of your life to this game and then sat in bed at 2am in a rage, maybe best to not click play on this video. I thought the Packer win eased my pain Field of Dreams style but I watched this thing once and my hate lather went from 0 to 60. Now you could argue that the Badgers should have just kicked it with 18 seconds left and not risked it. In fact when I saw Stave come back onto the field after the timeout I had an uneasy feeling. But I've had that pretty much since puberty so who knows. There's just no way to explain how a simple knee, and he DID take a knee, and spotting a ball for the next play took 18 seconds. No explanation.  

Think about this; this may be one of the all time referee screw jobs and it's still the SECOND worst screw job to happen to football in our state in the last 365 days. Awesome.

PS: You know who's sneaky happy the focus is on the officials? Joel Stave. Bro, your accuracy, WOOF. Chris Borland had one of the top throws of the night and that sentence is NOT a good look.

Double PS: I don't know who has seen this video but this is exactly how I would have called the end of that game. FOOOOTBALLLLL HORRIBLE!