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In case you missed it, TJ Oshie won the weekend.

by Jon Henseler

(Literally the sound of a man dying on the air. Definitely has that resigned feeling to it as well. Like 'dammit we lost...now Putin is going to fart on all our pillows like we're Bob Costas)

Well if you were up on Saturday morning to watch USA/Russia you were NOT disappointed. Not only did it justify cracking a tall boy at 7am*, it also reaffirmed why Olympic hockey is the one part of the Winter Olympics I really get into. Anytime Russia, Canada, or the U.S. match up against each other it's basically an NHL all star game with a heavy dose of nationalistic pride injected into it. You can tell these guys care and that's what makes it appointment viewing. In fact I'd say that not watching team USA in Olympic hockey borderline makes you a terrorist but that's a different blog for a different day. Bottom line is TJ Oshie went from obscure St. Louis Blues winger to national sports hero in about 4 minutes flat. Dude's Q rating went up about as fast as my metabolism is going down. And the best part of the whole thing is that in his post-game presser when he was referred to as an 'American hero' he responded with 'The American heroes are wearing camo. That's not me.' Can you imagine LeBron saying that after a USA basketball victory in the summer Olympics? How bout no. That plus with everyone discovering who this kid is, we all got treated to pictures of his wife. She's okay looking if your into 12/10's.

*Internet tough guy translation: Cup of Hazelnut coffee with a dash of double mocha cappuccino. I'm almost 30 folks, well beyond the days of tall boys at 7am. What do I want heartburn all day? For sure not.

PS: The other neat thing about the weekend in hockey was Kessel's hat trick against Slovenia. Madison's own! And honestly you wouldn't have even had to look up his home state. If there's a more Wisconsin profile pic than Kessel I haven't seen it.