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Iron Mike set the tone for a Brewer beat down yesterday

by Jon Henseler

Well had I known that Iron Mike was throwing out the first pitch at the Pirates/Brewers game yesterday I wouldn't have spent three hours watching it*. Absolute power move by the Pirates to bring in Tyson. Although I'm not sure what he was promoting because I can't find anything on the internet about a new book or movie he's in? I dunno. Strong chance Mike just walked into PNC and demanded to throw the first pitch out because honestly who would stop him. Get in the way of Iron Mike and be the next resident of Bolivian. I'm shocked he didn't stay on the mound and pitch the first couple of innings. And yeah his technique wasn't exactly flawless but, again, the next person to say Mike throws like a girl will be the first. Good example of that would be this:

A Youtube comment section, the place where internet tough guys are born, is quieter than Wrigley Field in October (shots fired). So yeah, I'd say Tyson still commands respect despite throwing out a Rookie of the Year ' float it ' first pitch.

*I absolutely would have watched even knowing we had 0 chance to win and I probably would have still bet on us to win too.

PS: Darts/caving in your dome-piece still Mike's game though.