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Are the Brewers done?

by Jon Henseler

So my rule of thumb in blogging is always to stick with a hot, local sports topic if I can. That's why I pretty much blog about the Packers every day starting in August, the Brewers a couple of times a week and the Bucks maybe 7 times in 5 years. And as you can tell by last week's blogs on women's arm wrestling, Dwayne Wade's fashion choices and a pug watching TV, things aren't great in Mill-ah-wau-kay. 

So with that said, I have an honest to God question for normal, level-headed Brewer fans. Is the season over? Because I'm 1,000% fanboy who will never give up on a team. I'm the guy saying 'It's only _________ (enter month here)' when the team is in the process of losing 100 games. I'm Lloyd Christmas, so you're saying there's a chance. Hell ESPN could probably put a negative percentage in the 'odds to make the playoffs' section of the standing and I'd still watch every inning the way that pug watched Shadow limp over the ridge. So that's why I need a rational opinion. Because I'm sort of thinking it might be and that is tragic considering it's May 20th. Like this team is underachieving right? I mean you look up and down the everyday lineup and it is flat out mind boggling how we don't score more runs. Segura leads the league in hitting at .364, Aoki sitting at .333, Gomez at .336, Braun at .317 and Ramirez in limited action at .352. I mean really look at that. There were years when we wouldn't have a single player SNIFF .300. Now don't get me wrong, we've got holes in the lineup. Maldonado isn't the same hitter he was last year, Betancourt* has leveled off, Lucroy is praying that Rickie continues his slide to hide his own poor start, and Roenicke's stubbornness with Weeks is downright Yostian. But still, how do we not produce more runs?

I guess ultimately it doesn't matter how many guys you have hitting over .300 if no one is getting those hits with men on base. And yesterday was the cherry on top of a (earmuffs) sh!t sundae when you have the bases loaded with not outs and the heart of your lineup due up and you still can't score a run. It's almost more difficult to NOT score a run in that situation. Like that is an eat a wheel of cheese, poop in the refrigerator situation. I'm not even mad, I'm impressed. So is this already it? Was Eric Church the coolest thing that will happen at Miller Park this year?

*Yuni B feels like that Office episode where Dwight has a concussion and is really cool for a day and then goes back to being Dwight when he gets back.

PS: You knew it was over yesterday too when the Cards had a rookie pitcher going. Nobody makes rookie pitchers look like Cy Young better than the Brewers. Honestly if I ever managed against the Brewers in the playoffs I'd just call up my 3 least known minor leaguers to start games 1, 2 and 3. Guaranteed sweep. I actually feel better about our chances tonight against Clayton Kershaw than I did yesterday against Jon Gast.