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Italian man goes to Oktoberfest in Germany, loses car for 5 weeks.

by Jon Henseler

(can't wait till these guys need a paycheck and do a remake of this classic in 2025)

Story on The Local the other morning about our man 'Andreas' who went on an innocent trip to Germany for Oktoberfest and promptly lost his car for 5 weeks. You can read the actual article here and trust me it is worth it. The quotes from this guy about this escapade are phenomonal, plus there isn't a single George Costanza reference or a single run-on sentence to be found. That being said I identify with this guy so much it's not even funny. This was a Tuesday-Sunday (every other Monday)* tradition for me while I was in school. For whatever reason my buddies and I would always drive my Dodge Neon (chick magnet, like fishing with dynamite) downtown to go to the bars and then be too far gone to drive at bar close so we'd always walk back. Then I'd wake up in a haze the next morning, peer out of my window and see that my 600 pounds of Sin was nowhere to be found. Sigh....looks like it's time for a good old fashion game of 'where did I park my car last night!' Busted out my old 1990 SpyTech  kit and went to work. Now I've NEVER had to wait 5 weeks to get my baby back. 2-3 days max. But also factor in that this was Oktoberfest and Germany is slightly bigger than Point and bingo bango suddenly there's not much difference between me and Andreas.

*J/K Mom. I was reading all week. Gotta try and stay cool for the blog.

PS: Love his quote in the article that alcohol had nothing to do with him not being able to find his car. At Oktoberfest. In Germany. Sure bro. It's not a lie, if you believe it.

Double PS: The Hangover is absolutely a funnier rip off of Dude Where's My Car. Doug is the car. That's literally the only difference.