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Jamarcus Russell the latest 'going back to college' cameo in the Dish Hopper commercials.

by Jon Henseler

I don't know why but I LOVE these 'going back to college' Hopper commercials. Some of the names they're dragging out are flat out outrageous. I think my favorite part is that they have to basically re-introduce them all because no one has thought of The Boz* or Heather Schuler in over a decade (unless you're a Redskins fan and even then I think they just Men in Black neuralized everyone to erase the memory of the Schuler era). I honestly feel there's a 30% minimum chance that Dish actually hired Matt Leinhart and The Boz and then Heath Schuler just happened to be eating at the restaurant hey were filming in on his way to his job selling life insurance (unconfirmed that's his actual profession but in a different way totally confirmed). I guess if you're these guys this is probably an unexpected opportunity to cash in on your brief fame one last time. Has to be kinda rough that the advertising approach is essentially 'sign a bunch of college football stars that completely washed out in the NFL' but what are you going to do. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me when I get a 6 (?) figure check.

*I legit had to think for a few minutes about what that guy's name actually was. You know you were a big deal at one point when you are just known by 'The' and your nickname. Like The Edge from U-2. Boz might actually fill out his Dish Network W-2's as Boz, The.

PS: Don't want, NEED Tony Mandrich on one of these.

Double PS: The opportunities once college basketball starts are literally limitless. Miles Simon, Cherokee Parks, Adam Morrison, Greg Oden, Christian Laettner, Mateen Cleaves Kevin Pittsnogle just to name a few.

Triple PS: Remember when Matt Leinhart decided to go back to college even when he would have been the unanimous #1 pick that coming NFL Draft. Talk about a guy who 'knew.'