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Japanese Pitcher's Floating Eephus Pitch is mind boggling.

by Jon Henseler

First off, how does this ump not ring him up! I understand it probably came in a TAD high, but by the time it hits the catcher's mitt that is center-cut middle middle. Then again if I ever got the chance to be an umpire at any level I think I'd be ringing people up with impunity. Nothing better than an umpire who has a great called third strike punch-out. Like that has to be something they teach at umpire school right? Can't get your Frank Drebin Certification without having a proper third strike call. I picture them all standing in front of mirrors like De Niro in Taxi Driver practicing different third strike looks. Not that I've given it much thought but my third strike call would look a little like Ryu from Street Fighter throwing a blue HADUKEN fireball straight up in the air and then on it's way down I'd shoot it with a fake arrow like Legolas in Lord of the Rings (he's like Robin Hood Mom). Again, haven't really given it much thought just something I'm workshopping.

In any case I think we know where the inspiration for this pitch came from. Couldn't be more obvious that Rookie of the Year just hit theaters in Japan. Float it Tadando! Float it!

PS: All joking aside if there are any mid-90's Brewers fans out there we've seen pitches like that before. Anyone remember Doug #datstache Jones ? Guy was throwing eephus pitches or whatever they're calling this his whole career. Hell that pitch Tadano throws in the above video looks like the hot, stinky cheddar for Jones.

Double PS: Two, TWO Rookie of the Year references ah ah ah.