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Jared Allen brings his mullet to the Windy City. Pack pick up extra 3rd and 5th round picks.

by Jon Henseler

Me on March 15th: Packers need to sign Jared Allen! Dude's only 32 years old and still had 11.5 sacks last year! Something something Seinfeld something. Also don't even talk to me about Julius Peppers, guy is 34 and has the work ethic of an internet blogger. Stay away Thompson! Something Saved By the Bell something.

Me on March 26th: Julius Peppers is an athletic FREAK with plenty left in the tank! Great job Teddy Ballgame! Jared Allen is past his prime and the Bears will regret the 4 year deal about 3 games into 2014. Ha! Classic Bears sucking.

Now in all seriousness this absolutely makes the Bears better. Between Allen and the signing of Lamar Houston their front 4 looks more than decent. My guess is they address their secondary in the draft because I don't care how stout your front 7 is with their safeties. Right now it's Chris Conte battling MD Jennings for the right to be sworn at by Bears fans the most in 2014. At the end of the day I truly like the Peppers signing for us more because he fits the 3-4 way better and at the end of the day it's still only 7.5 million guaranteed. But I also like what the Bears did. They paid more but Allen is younger than Peppers and even though the contract is 4 years 32 million, just like the Peppers deal all that matters is the guaranteed money which is about 16 million. Again, not too shabby.

Also sort of a big deal from a few days ago are the compensatory picks the Packers picked up for losing Greg Jennings and Erik Walden to free agency a year ago. Normally these are like 6th or 7th rounders but this time around the Packers get an extra 3rd and 5th. Ummmmmm yes please? You just know Thompson had to be jacked to get that news. Getting extra picks that early is to Thompson what finding a mint condition sofa at the end of a driveway is to a hoarder. But Jon, it's just a 3rd and 5th round pick what could we possibly get with that?! Ummmm do the names James Jones, Jermichael Finley, Morgan Burnett, BJ Sander and Mike Daniels mean anything to anyone? All 3rd or 5th rounders. Live feed from Ted Thompson's office when he got that email: