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Jared Allen interested in the Packers? Pay him, pay that man his money.

by Jon Henseler

So just as we expected this off-season Ted Thompson came out of the gate quickly and offered Jamari Lattimore a qualifying deal while literally everyone else on our radar signed elsewhere. Arthur Jones to Indy, Lamar Houston to Chicago, Jarius Byrd to New Orleans. Nailed it Teddy. 

But a midst all the chaos yesterday there was an interesting tidbit that came out implying that Jared Allen would like to play for a contender and the Packers are on his shortlist. Ummmmmmm yes please? Look I know there are a lot of people with hate for Jared Allen in Packer country but if we're going to continue to be friends on this blog I have to admit, I love this dude. I also don't mind (read: love) the band Yellowcard and I think I'm slowing becoming a wine over beer guy........that escalated quickly. Anyhoo Allen is one of those guys that you hate when he's on another team but you LOVE when he's on your team. Felt the same way about Allen Iverson and Deion Sanders back in the day. 

And yeah he's probably on the 'downside' of his career but the guy is three years removed from a 22 sack season and had 11.5 last year which is way more than our best pass rusher produced in 2013. As we've gone over I always believe in building from the front on defense, if you can pressure the QB it makes everyone in the secondary better. I had a chance to talk to Leroy Butler* years ago about the 90's Packer defense and Fritz Shurmur and he admits that having the front four they did in '96 (White, Dotson, Brown, Jones) not only made the secondary look better but also freed up players like him to blitz and sort of 'roam.' Now does Allen fit anywhere in a 3-4 defense is a legit concern. Sort of brings back bad memories of watching Aaron Kampman try to cover tight ends. And we're not sure what kind of money Allen wants but at 27 million under the cap we'd better fire a phone call his way. Or at the very minimum post a Craigslist missed connection. 'You, premier pass rusher with an A++ mullet. Us horribly deficient up front and slowly wasting the prime of our hall of fame quarterback.'

*Name drop city, population: me. Also full disclosure: It may have just been a guy in a Leroy Butler jersey. Can't be sure.

PS: Remember that Monday night game in 2009 at the Metrodome where Jared Allen essentially ended Allen Barbre's career? That was fun. We would have been better off playing no left tackle and making Jared count to 5 Mississippi.

Double PS: Mullet.