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Jason Kidd officially a Buck! Great news unless you're Jason Kidd probably....

by Jon Henseler

Alright so the Jason Kidd deal became official today with the Bucks sending two 2nd round picks to Brooklyn. One in 2015 and one in 2019. And that low price is exactly why I don't quite get what people don't like about this move. Chances that our 2nd round pick in 2015 becomes a star are about the same as Bill Simmons reading this blog and giving me a job at Grantland and the 2019 2nd rounder is Seattle's problem. So I think this is a good move overall for the Bucks but I don't see how Jason Kidd benefits at all. Seems very reactionary. Which is why the above video popped into my head. Classic episode of BMW* where Corey gets mad that Shawn and Topanga are going to a movie together so he asks out the next thing that moves, Topanga's best friend Trini. In this scenario the Bucks are Trini. Kidd tried to power play the Nets into more money and power, got Mutombo-ed, and then went to Milwaukee where he'll have the exact same job he had only with less talent and a much smaller media market.

Again I'll repeat what I thought yesterday on this subject before it was official, I like this move purely from an 'upside' perspective. Kidd had moderate success in Brooklyn and has only been a coach for a season. All indications are that the players and media liked him, he just became upset that guys like Derek Fisher and Steve Kerr signed deals worth double what his was (sounds like a 3 year 12-15 million situation in Milwaukee). And, again, we're not really at a stage where it matters who our coach is. If we don't lose our heads and and stay on the 'build through the draft' process we're YEARS away from competing. So a head coach is the least of my concerns. It would be like going to the doctor for a hangnail when you've got a compound fracture on your leg.

I guess too there's a 'moral' uprising from some Bucks fans about the way Larry Drew was treated, how Kidd has a DUI and other legal issues blah blah blah. Listen if you want to watch a drama about people's personal lives watch the Kardashians (heard from a good looking, witty friend that it's especially riveting now with Rob's weight battle and Kim's kid). Kidd isn't the first athlete or coach to have issues like that and he won't be the last. I'm not being dismissive of them or saying a DUI doesn't matter, it's obviously a bad thing but people make mistakes and all I care about is can this guy coach and help our young players improve. Now I'll admit the Larry Drew thing was unsavory. Certainly leaves a bad taste in your mouth when someone, who for all intents and purposes seemed like a stand-up guy, has to learn through a 3rd party that he may or may not be fired. Clearly that sucks. But you know what? It happens everyday to thousands of people. And you know what those other people most likely don't have? A buyout of millions of dollars. Hard to shed internet tears for someone who looks like this after he's fired.

*Checked out Girl Meets World over the weekend. 1st episode wasn't horrible. I'd give it a 6/10. Couple of suggestions would be more Corey and Topanga and less everyone not named Corey and Topanga. Constructive criticism.

PS: I picture Jason Kidd looking a lot like Brett Favre during his intro press conference with the Jets today. Classic 'how the hell did I end up here' look.