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Jim Cantore will not be messed with during a live shoot at Charleston College!

by Jon Henseler

Oh you think you're going to throw Jim Cantore off his game by bull rushing him during a live drop in from Charleston College?! (in full Mutombo) NO NO NO! This guy stands in the middle of hurricanes. He laughs at Thunder-snow. He's basically the Bill Brasky of the meteorology world. Only thing missing was Cantore pulling a Ryu Street Fighter 'SHORYUKEN!' on his kick.

PS: I do sort of love on news anchors get offended when things like this happen. Newsflash: you're doing a live drop on a college campus during a once in a lifetime snowstorm in the South and everyone on said campus has probably been drinking their faces off since school was cancelled because of 2 inches of snow. Best case scenario is you have to go Cobra Kai and sweep the leg of one degenerate trying to become a viral video.

Double PS: AWESOME Street Fighter/Taylor Swift mash up from the Grammy's. Also; The Internet: where the sentence 'AWESOME Street Fighter/Taylor Swift mash up' happens. Thank God we live in this time.