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Jim Carrey dominates his commencement speech.

by Jon Henseler

(never understand graduation outfits....the smarter you get the more you look like an extra from Harry Potter...)

Don't like this, love this. 'Fear disguised as practicality.' Absolutely nailed it. Made me sit at my blogging station and really ponder my life for a second. Started to think that maybe it's time to break away from small market terrestrial radio and a blog attached to a radio website and try something different. You know maybe a small market podcast and a personal blog that doesn't have the built in access to tens of thousands of people? Sounds like a solid plan right? So solid that I actually googled 'how to register a domain name' but quickly realized it takes A) money and B) more than two steps. So in the spirit of my generation I gave up when I become moderately inconvenienced by a small amount of work. Generation Y!

In all seriousness though this is right on. I guess when I saw 'you've got to see Jim Carrey give a commencement speech!' I thought it was going to be a mash-up of 90's movie characters that ended with him leaping on top of his podium and talking with his butt a la Ace Ventura while screaming ALLLLLRIIIGGHTTY THEENNNNNN. Again, that may have all happened but he also dropped some serious knowledge there too. Between this and the Dumb and Dumber To trailer hitting yesterday it's like 1997 all over again for him. Jim Carrey so hot right now Jim Carrey.

PS: I'm not sure if having a celebrity come and give a commencement speech is a new 'thing' or it's been happening for a while but because of the world we live in with camera phones and youtube they get distributed more. Either way I sort of feel short changed on my commencement speaker when I see things like this. Stevens Point class of 2006 got the proprietor of a local men's fashion store called Andrew's Limited. I honestly have no recollection of what he said because I was hungover and it was 90 degrees and outdoors. He could have been giving the second coming of the Gettysburg Address and it would have been over my head. So that's my story. And then I found $5.

Double PS: Still the greatest graduation speech of all time. Feeny! I said fah fah fah Feeny!