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Jimmy Fallon making The Tonight Show relevant again in less than 72 hours on the job.

by Jon Henseler

So in case you've been living under a rock (2014 translation: no internet and only using 3G) you know that Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show on Monday and to say it has been a home run so far would be putting it lightly. To quote Michael Scott, I'd give it at A+ but I forgot there's an A++. And I've got to admit, after the first year of Fallon on the Late Night show, I never would have suspected he'd become the savior or an American Icon but if his first 72 hours on the job are any indication, this might be the best the show has been since Carson*. 

Like the above three videos are from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Already more laughs than Leno had in the last 5 years. Hell the documentary Blackfish had more laughs than Leno since he came back to replace Concan. Which pains me to say because I actually liked Leno when I was growing up. Primarily because if I was watching him it meant my parents let me stay up past 10pm (still a rarity). But I loved Headlines and Jaywalking back in the day. Just seemed like he mailed it in on his second run on the show. But Fallon is bringing the hot, stinky cheddar thus far and I think the main reason is they're letting him just do the Late Night show at a different time slot. That's what they screwed up with Conan. They watered him down, didn't let him do his bits. It would be like trading for Michael Jordan and then saying he can't dunk on your team. Just made no sense. 

Now to be fair, the content on Late Night with Fallon was a 'tad' more socially acceptable then Conan's. Masterbating Bear, Vomiting Kermit and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog would have been a tough sell to the 40-60 demographic. So in that regard they 'prepped' Fallon better by having hilarious bits that he could easily transition. Plus I think it helps that it's in New York. Just more going on there. Some of Conan's best stuff was just hitting the streets of Manhattan and when they moved him out to California he seemed to lose that. And as Kramer taught us, LA can be a seductress! So it's a 'so far so good' situation at least getting through week 1. Now all they have to do is shift the start time to 8:35pm and I can actually stay up to watch it!

*Nobody will ever replace that guy. He's the Don. I don't understand why TV Land doesn't air old Carson shows at like 9pm Mon-Fri. Nor do I understand why they don't resurrect the old TGIF and put it on Friday nights. Or put ACTUAL cartoons on Saturday mornings. Wake up TV Land! There's a 30 going on 85 demographic that longs for the good old days of 1992!

PS: Strong chance this is my first actual blog. Paragraph seperation, properish sentence structure, hell there might even be a thesis statement in there! I might even spell check this puppy.

Double PS: Plot twist: I didn't speel check it. 

Triple PS: Classic Conan;