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JJ Watt's vertical...pretttayyyy impressive.

by Jon Henseler

So JJ Watt can basically fly. NBD. I mean are you kidding me here JJ?! Beast Mode: Engage. I have to admit I loved watching this guy big brother offensive tackles and QBs in the Big Ten but I honestly never thought he'd be the best defensive player in the NFL. But here he is year in year out bull rushing NFL tackle's, swatting balls like he's Dikembe Mutombo and looking like feather-mario on his vertical. Crazy.

PS: Also thanks to youtube user Evan Conley for loading this thing back up. I orginally saw this posted on a different blog and when I went to click play it gave me the 'this video has been removed by user.' HATE that. Especially when it might be something a little 'borderline' NSFW. Nothing worse than seeing a screen shot of some hot girl about to do something crazy, then going to click play and seeing 'this video has been removed due to terms of use violation.' GAAHHHHH! On next week's episode of first world problems: My 4G won't work on my phone and I had to power it on and off.