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Johnny Football flashes the bird to the Redskins sideline. Predictably everyone loses their mind.

by Jon Henseler

So John Football flipped a little sign language to the Redskins sideline during Monday Night Football last night and in the most predictable domino of all time the internet and sports cable networks went to def-con 'our pets heads are falling off!' levels of coverage. ESPN bringing in sign language experts, Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith shouting at each other about how his being white affects the attention it gets, Tony Dungy riding on his moral high horse to Cleveland to have a heart to heart like some sort of football Jehovah's Witness, the works.

Like am I missing something? Is that this big of a deal? We're talking about professional football here, not Sunday morning church. Anyone out there watch Hard Knocks over the years? The middle finger he posted up might be on the nicest things said during last night's game. I dunno maybe it's because I grew up during the Stone Cold Steve Austin era of WWF and saw this about 71 times a show but I just don't understand people going crazy over this gesture. Plus it's not like we haven't seen this done on national TV before. AJ Hawk: middle finger after a big play is so 2011 bro, what are you going to do next the Harlem Shake after a touchdown pass:

PS: Did everyone see that the Browns signed Rex Grossman as their 3rd QB last week. Rex Grossman! I had no clue he was still in the league. It's mind boggling that that guy started in a Super Bowl. Really think about that. Trent Dilfer was 3 drives away from no longer being the auto fill that fans of teams with bad quarterbacks use while defending their chances at winning it all. 'If Rex Grossman did it so can we!' First Johnny Football, then Lebron, now Sexy Rexy, stay hot Cleveland!

Double PS: The real travesty of last night was the ending. The Redskins were two point favorites and the over/under on total points was 41.5. With 2 seconds left the 'Skins were up 24-17 and Cleveland threw a last second hail mary and scored a touchdown. Went for 2 and missed it. Final score 24-23 'Skins. Somewhere a degenerate had the 'Skins covering and the under on 41.5 points and he lost them both on a preseason hail mary. Brutal beat. If you have a friend who is a gambler might want to just check on him (me) today.

Triple PS: Spare me the 'who bets on preseason football?!' It's called warming up for the regular season ever heard of it? Preseason football isn't just fine tuning for players, it's warm up for gamblers too. You just start betting on week 1 you're liable to pull something as you run away from your bookie.