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Just when you thought TV ads couldn't get better, Mike's Golf Shop comes along with this....

by Jon Henseler

Man what a time in the advertising world huh? We had the blogs about the Kmart Joe Boxer ad last week, the Foot Locker ad with a Brett Favre cameo, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better Mike's Golf Shop comes along with this gem in the 11th hour. Like this has to be in the running for ad of the year right? I mean yeah you could argue Kmart was a little more creative but you've also got to look at the effectiveness and cost efficiency of the ad. Kmart had to hire 6 good looking dudes (no homo), pay a camera crew, pay an editing agency (pretty sure that's a thing), and on and on and on. Kmart spent probably 3-5 million* on that ad and I'm pretty sure they're bankrupt. Meanwhile Mike here starred as himself, used his Obamaphone, probably spent about 4 bucks total, and his getting his spot blown up because people think it's 'bad.' Like Mike may well be the smartest man in the room. If there was a time period to make an ad like this, 2013 is it. Just make people believe that you're clueless, make a video about said cluelessness, post it online and let websites like CNN.com and Strange Brew do the work for you. Like Alonzo said in Training Day, this s$#t's chess it ain't checkers! Well played Mike's Golf Shop. You buy golf/free internet advertising.

*Pretty confident that's right despite 0 research or knowledge of current market conditions.

PS: Only thing that would have make this better is if it had 'A Hans Moleman Production' at the beginning. It works on so many levels!