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Kate Upton Zero Gravity SI Swimsuit Photo Shoot is real and it's spectacular.

by Jon Henseler

(maybe the first time in history I sat through an ad at the beginning of a video without the 'skip ad' option)

Well this immediately becomes a top 5 moment in space history. Now you might ask 'Jon, what are the top 5 moments in space history?' Luckily for you I had to time to sit down and re-work my top 5. Sort of glad this came out because I haven't re-examined it in weeks.

1. Neil Armstrong walks on the moon we're pretty sure.

2. Kate Upton becomes the first person not named Buzz Aldrin to wear a bikini in zero gravity.

3. Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton successfully return Apollo 13 to Earth.

4. John Glenn orbits the Earf 

5. Douglas Quade travels to Mars and encounters girl with 3 sweater kittens (medical terminology).

Now in the 'others receiving votes' category is Yuri Gagarin becoming the first person to reach space in 1961 (yeah I read books/googled 'top moments in space') and the time when Bruce Willis detonated an asteroid that would have destroyed Earth and saved us all from having to actually watch Armageddon in 1998.

In all honesty I'm not sure how Kate Upton was left off the cover for the 3rd straight year but I still feel like she'll break Elle Macpherson's record of 5 covers. Sort of like Tiger trying to track down Jack but slightly hotter. That is assuming that Elle doesn't get to a 6th, which is entirely possible if you've seen her lately. Woman just doesn't age. I have a working hypothesis that she is in fact a vampire but that's a different blog for a different day. Bottom line is this video proves she's still the hottest in the game and that I need to start watching Nightline apparently. 

PS: Yes I know this photo shoot wasn't in space and was just in a zero gravity chamber. Blog doesn't work if we're working with facts.