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Keith Urban apart of the Beatles celebration last night.

by Jon Henseler

Little taste of the Grammy Beatles celebration on CBS last night. I didn't actually see it live because I'm a degenerate who was gambling on an obscure women's college basketball game that was on ESPNU (yup....real life). But this is pretty sweet and from what I heard the whole show was on point. Brad Paisley and Pharrell teamed up for 'Here Comes the Sun' as well but I couldn't find that on the first Google search for it so in typical Generation Y fashion I gave up. I want Spood-feed or no feed. Either way not a bad cover. 

PS: Kind of intrigued to find out if Pete Best watched this last night. Has to be a 10% chance he did right. I picture him looking like Ron Burgundy signing Afternoon Delight while throwing popcorn at the TV at some bar.