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Kendall Jenner had a rough time reading at the Billboard Music Awards.

by Jon Henseler

So this video went viral last night and even though I didn't watch a single minute of it and I'm barely aware of who Kendall Jenner is, I figured I would throw it up on the blog in hopes that somebody googling the video stumbles up on my blog and I steal a few clicks in my effort to become financially solvent. So yeah it's a little out of my element but I've got a dog with an affinity for $40 chicken jerky and a college loan that's getting paid off at the speed of a snail who just got chloroformed.

Anyhow after a little research I guess Kendall Jenner is the latest Kardashian that will annoy/make millions. No biggie Kendall. I know you're being internet tough guy-ed en mass today but just remember you don't need to read to become a celebrity who makes bags of money with no discernible talent other than being hot. That's the American dream and you're living it! Plus if you ever feel the itch to read and talk more better there's always help:

PS: I guess the other thing the internet was talking about last night was the Michael Jackson hologram performanc e. Some people loved it some were creeped out by it. Which means it has a lot in common with this blog minus the love part. I dunno I'm sure at some point we'll be seeing 'hologram' tours of dead artists. If we're being honest I'd probably go see a Nirvana hologram concert. Hologram Kurt Cobain, real life Dave Grohl and hologram the other guy who I'm pretty sure is dead. Sign me up. If people can make money on it it doesn't matter how morbid it is. Hell it wouldn't shock me to see the Vikings use a hologram of Brett Favre as their QB this season.