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Kid at Raptors/Nets game gets the Mutombo treatment going in for a kiss.

by Jon Henseler

NO NO NO NOT IN MY HOUSE! Gotta say I sort of felt bad for this kid a little bit. Not so bad that I won't take a couple of cheap shots at a 20 year old kid from the safety of my keyboard but a little bad at least. Like 1% empathy to 99% laughing hysterically. Which incdientally pretty much sums up my generation's attitude toward our fellow man.

Now obviously it sucks that we live in a George Orwell novel and EVERYTHING is caught on tape. 20 years ago if a kid got rejected going for a kiss at a basketball game that was between him and the 15 people around him*. Now it's there for the amusement of internet trolls everywhere. But what I want to know is the story behind this. Like if these two are dating and she's too big of a prude to give an innocent kiss at an NBA playoff game then I really feel bad for this bro. Loosen up honey! We're up by 3 and about to take a 3 games to 2 series lead! Raptors playoff basketball ever heard of it?! BUT if these two just were sitting next to each other at the game all night and had never met I respect the hell out of him. You just randomly end up sitting next to a cute blond at a playoff game, chat it up all night, find a little common ground and when your team is up late in an exciting game you throw caution into the wind and go for a little second base action (that's second base right?). So you end up getting rejected while taking a chance. No shame it that. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take (Wayne Gretsky)(Michael Scott).

*If I'm at a baseball/basketball/football game and you are sitting in front of me texting people I am 1,000% reading every text you send and silently judging you.

PS: Honestly I'm not sure who had a rougher night in this gif. The kid who got rejected or the guy in front of him who took his girlfriend to the game instead of a buddy and looks like he wants to kill himself. Cheer up man! There's always round 2 (maybe)!

Double PS: Maybe this broad was just holding out for a happenstance Rob Ford run in? Can't hate on her for that.