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Kmart hits another home run.

by Jon Henseler

Suck it Rain Man! Kmart coming in hot yet again. I mean the marketing department for this company is on a Don Draper-esque run right now. Ship My Pants  is a first ballot hall of famer, Big Gas savings  was dynamite and now Jingle Balls. Now I'll admit I'm a little offended at the objectification of men here, I mean when are we as a culture going to get past dude's just being eye candy you know? Glass ceiling city. But at the end of the day funny is funny, and this is funny. Enjoy it now though because I'm sure some vocal minority will have this shut down by EOB today. America!

Also despite these great ads I don't think I've spent a dime at Kmart in a decade. Kmart: Best Marketing a Bankrupt Company Can Buy.

PS: I'm man enough to admit, these bro's do NOT skip leg day .

Double PS: If you're an adult man still wearing boxers it's time to make a shift (HEYO we have fun here). Boxer briefs are for men. Boxers are for dude's in their 20's, tighty whities are for little kids and old men and Superman underwear are for bloggers.