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Latest Eric Church Teaser Video

by Jon Henseler

Alright for those who might have missed it, Eric F'n Church was at it again last night! Teaser video with all sorts of cryptic messages about release dates, maybe song titles, or album titles? I dunno. Thing's like a damn Stanley Kubrick film or an episode of Breaking Bad. And I'm no good and figuring these types of things out. I was never a Clue player as a kid. More of a Candyland type of dude. Either way though, for those that aren't into 'The Outsiders' (which, if you're not, is all I need to know about you as a person), then the song playing the background here might be more your speed. Definitely more 'Church' like, traditionally speaking.

With that said I'm not sure what to expect on November 4th. He just released a single, and again, traditionally speaking, in radio you release a single and let it linger for a few months before you release another one, or an album. Let us beat the CRAP out of that single until no one wants to hear it anymore, THEN give us new stuff. That's the circle of radio life. But from what I can gather here, he may be just releasing new music slowly for people to buy on iTunes with no regard to 'singles' or whatever. Which is a good indicator of where his career is at right now. He writes his own rules. Remember that scene in The Matrix, where Neo unplugs himself and goes sliding down that tube of Gak and into the real world? That's Church right now. He's a wild card and I love every minute of it.