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Latest on Aaron Rodgers heading into Steelers weekend.

by Jon Henseler

PSYCH! I actually have no new information on Aaron Rodgers' collarbone. Fooled you! But I did just trick you into getting me more hits! Ahhhhhh we have fun here.

Anyhow I think we'll know this afternoon what his status is but my gut says it's Flynn it to Win It for one more week. And honestly given that Lambeau is going to look like planet Hoth with that snowstorm coming through Saturday into Sunday I'm not sure how much it matters. If the forecast holds my guess is that it's going to be Lacy vs. Bell with each getting about 45 carries a piece. So whomever is suiting up at QB1 might not matter anyway. We can beat Pittsburgh with Flynn. Chicago I'm not so sure. But I sort of feel like yesterday's pressers after practice were along the lines of the above video. Kinda felt like McCarthy and Rodgers were going out of their way to say how 'he looks good' (duh) and 'feels great.' Honestly they each said it about 20 times. Felt like they were saying it through clenched teeth. 'He looks great and feels great RIGHT PAT MCKENZIE! RIGHT?!' I feel like if McKenzie doesn't clear him today he's going to wake up with a horse head in his bed tomorrow morning.

Also if I never hear about a collarbone for the rest of my life it will be too soon.