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Lingerie Football League QB scores a touchdown, promptly chugs a beer.

by Jon Henseler

Don't like this move, love this move! Score a big touchdown go grab a beer from the crowd and drink it right in your opponents grillmix. Only problem was that she needed to chug it all and give the Super Troopers ' I AM ALL THAT IS MAN ' afterwards. Other than that this is one of the best touchdown celebrations I've seen since Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson had the Monstars steal his talent and leave for the CFL. It is sort of a tough pill to swallow considering she plays for the Chicago LFL team and this was against the Green Bay LFL team. Never like to see that happen. Especially with the ol' gravedigger Gilbert Brown coaching the Chill. Dude was sporting some serious angry eyes after that. Wouldn't shock me if he thought about pulling a Tyler Perry and dressing up like a linergie-ed Madea to help his team out the next time there's a goal line stand that needs to be made. Needless to say it's going to take a lot of Gilbert burgers to get him back to his happy place after that display. But all that aside there's not much I don't like about this, at least Chicago has one legit quarterback amiright?! Question: what's the difference between the quarterback of the Chicago Bliss and the quarterback of the Chicago Bears? One buys tampons and scores touchdowns and one buys tampons and throws picks.

Oh and in case the Chicago/Green Bay thing really bothers you there's this palette cleanser:

PS: Gun to my head if you ask me what touchdown celebration I was turned on more by, Rodgers throw or a 12/10 smokeshow in lingerie drinking beer, I think I take the bullet.

Double PS: This isn't the first 'viral' (not really a TON of views yet, more of an infection than anything) I've seen of the LFL this season. I'm telling you this league is everything the NFL should be. Hard hits with little regard to future brain injury, touchdown celebrations, trash talk, it's got it all. Like if an NFL player drank a beer after a touchdown how many games would Goodell have given him? If you get two games like Ray Rice did for hitting his wife I'd say a beer sip is probably what, 8 games? Honestly the NFL could learn a thing or two from the LFL. Sports are entertaining and fun. Here are some clips; LFL football you pay for the whole seat but you only need the edge!

(language on this Gilbert video...how many games did that Saints coach get suspended for during bounty-gate...maybe he needs to head to the LFL)