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Lions Kingdom still with no quarter in Wisconsin!

by Jon Henseler

Everything the light touches Simba. Except Wisconsin. Or the Lombardi trophy. And you're home base will basically be a third world country. But other than that go crazy! I mean honestly how insane is it that the Lions haven't won in Wisconsin since 1991. Like I don't think people really appreciate that. That's a stat you normally hear about two teams that play each other once every 4 or 5 years. The Lions are in our frieking division! And honestly they weren't that terrible from 1992-2001. Those were some decent teams with Barry Sanders, Herman Moore, Erik Kramer, Johnnie Morton and Scott Mitchell. Just crazy. I mean consider what the world was like the last time the Lions win in Wisconsin in 1991. The internet was BARELY a thing, cell phones came with a Jansport, gas was about 59 cents, Murphy Brown was the #1 TV show (no thanks to Stephen Snell ), Fox hadn't even broadcast a SINGLE NFL football game, and Alabama desegrated. Just bananas. We're the elephant graveyard for Lions football.

- If we lost: Anyone else feel like the offense not being able to punch the into the end zone is a problem? Lions defense beyond their front 4 is pretty mediocre and we still managed only one touchdown. That's got to be a concern if you consider yourself a Super Bowl contender. Because we won: Everything is great with continued great in our long range forecast!

- Things I didn't expect to type in this blog at any point during this season: Mason Crosby can't miss. Now all we need to have happen is 'Jermichael Finley soft hands' and 'Jarret Bush with blanket coverage' and we'll have the unicorn hat trick of unlikely occurrences. Honestly I feel like we should be treating Mason like a pitcher in the 7th inning of a no hitter but given that I've typed and said things about him over the last 14 months that would make even the most thuggish internet tough guy  blush, we have to mention the 9 for 9 start.

- If I told you to guess which Packer defensive player would have this line at the end of the game: 5 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble; how many guesses until you got to Nick Perry? As a matter of fact if I told you just to name Packer defensive players how many long would it take you to get to Nick Perry? Regardless, THIS is the Nick Perry they were looking for. Stud game. If that becomes a trend this front 7 is starting to look (in full Larry David throat) prettttayyyy prettttay good.

- Another guy coming on is Mike Neal. Might be our most consistent player on the front line in terms of impact plays and rarely gets dap because of his injury past. Well Strange Brew is here for you Mike! He makes my Monday morning Treat Yo Self  team. 

- Listen, Kenny Albert ain't Marv, Daryl Johnston stumbles over himself from time to time and Tony Siragusa may be a functioning alcoholic, but they ran CIRCLES around Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. I imagine Kenny Albert being carried into Lambeau by Packer fans yesterday like Xerxes in 300. What would that look like Jon you ask? Let me show you:

Boom! See that's what sets Strange Brew apart from other blogs. There's a visual element. Like if you woke up this morning and wondered what the #2 football play by play guy on Fox would look like if his head were to be photo-shopped onto the body of an actor playing an ancient Persian king then we've got you covered. Also I'm 98% confident that this is the first time that a 'xerxes 300' google search was followed up with 'kenny albert head shot' google search. Original content people. Giving the world what it didn't ask for or need.

All in all it had it's flaws but it was a MUST win at home. Now you work out your issues and head to Baltimore but only 1/2 game back of the division. Now there is the Clay Matthews broken thumb issue so we'll see what's revealed today. If he needs surgery it sounds like he's out 4-6 weeks. If not they give him the Reggie White club hand and essentially hand him a weapon. Like giving Chuck Norris a machine gun. So we'll keep an eye on that today (read: I've set my phone to buzz on any Clay Matthews or John Stamos breaking news....how are those related? Wouldn't you like to know). Otherwise a solid win against a division rival ain't a bad way to come back from a bye.

PS: Love that every time the Lions and Packers play in Wisconsin we get a Mike Tomczack graphic from Fox. You think he likes that or hates that? Any publicity is good publicity I guess?