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Little girl break up letter with her boyfriend is priceless.

by Jon Henseler

Boy this one hits home doesn't it fellas? People wonder why guys are constantly behind the 8-ball when it comes to relationships. It's because from an early age women seem to know what they want and guys barely know their own name. I mean how old could these two kids be? 6? 7*? Well my man Shawn may as well be turning 30 in June like a blogger I know. Because this letter is a time capsule. It could be written to any guy of any age at any time period. Women consistently want us to be normal and we consistently can't git it together. It's a story as old as time itself.

Now the only good news for Shawn is that he's learning this at an early age. I wish a girl in my elementary school would have wrote this note to me. Maybe I could have avoided this whole 'wandering aimlessly through life while making shallow observations on the internet' phase I've been in for almost a decade**. So Shawn, my man, take this as a wake up call. If you ever want to get mareed you probably need to talk to a chick once a month. Probably want to study hard and get a good job too. Women tell me they dig that as well. Or you could just play video games and watch games with your buddies for the better part of the next three decades and wait for a girl in her late 30's to settle on you. That's a strategy too. Just remember, as the years go by their expectations and standards will adjust for their age accordingly. That's when it's your time to shine! The more you know.

*I am a HORRIBLE judge of age. These kids could be 16 but based on the spelling I'm going with 7. Or from Alabama (shots fired).

**Major league life moment typing 'decade' there. Some real introspective stuff going on for about 3 minutes until I was distracted by this video of a girl getting hit with a shovel . Thanks internet. You're always there to snap me out of it when I start getting a case of the feels.