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LSU left fielder with the catch of the century.

by Jon Henseler

That was an okay catch huh? I mean are you kidding me? Not just the catch itself but the circumstance around it. Bottom of the 9th in a tie game with the bases loaded and you save your team with THAT catch?! Unreal. Left the Texas A&M bench staring at the outfield like they were newscasters watching some tragedy unfold. I honestly have never seen an outfielder ever catch a ball with that kind of a leap. And that's saying something considering I've watched Mike Cameron and Carlos Gomez roam center-field for the Crew for the better part of the last 10 years. This would be like George Clooney having a girl genuinely take his breath away after decades of hanging out with only 12/10's. But this is next level stuff. Like he actually flew like a bird right? I mean the kid was in the air for like 5 seconds! That's got to count as flying. It's like the age old question of 'when does a nap become sleep?' 1 hour? 2 hours*? Well how long do you have to be in the air before you're actually flying. I think this kid did it. Go Go Gadget Wings!

*I consistently have this debate with people because I 'nap' in the afternoon since I do the morning show. I probably lay down from 1:30-4pm every day and people tell me that I've officially entered 'sleep' territory. Ummm what? Everyone knows it's not sleep until you hit REM sleep and that doesn't happen until like hour 6. I'll grant you I push the limits of the definition of the word 'nap' but I definitely haven't entered 'sleep.' Sleep cycles every heard of 'em? Also the life of a radio DJ/blogger is parallel in almost every way to the life of a toddler. Up early, sleep all afternoon, wear elastic pants at all times, speak/type nonsense and get burped after a feeding.

PS: I don't know much about college baseball ( but I've got a friend who does ) but I really think we miss out in this state with UW not having a team. Every year the College Baseball World Series comes around and it seems like people have a blast. It's like March Madness only I think there's double elimination in some instances so you're not 'out of guys' if you lose once. Seems awesome but I never get really invested without a hometown team to pull for. Thanks Obama.