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Luke Bryan took a digger in North Carolina last night!

by Jon Henseler

(It's 2014 folks we as a society have to be better than vertical videos. In the words of Mike Singletary, CANNOT WIN WITH 'EM CAN'T DO IT!)

So this is video footage of a Luke Bryan show in North Carolina last night where Luke takes a DIGGER in the middle of his set. Looks like he ends up being okay, he is at minimum aware of the state he's in so by 1980's NFL concussion testing he's good to go! This video also amplifies what I find to be a disturbing trend with our culture: whipping out a cell phone when someone hurts themselves. If I ever suffer a catastrophic injury I pray to God that someone older than 40 years old is around me otherwise I'll end up dying because everyone's knee jerk reaction is to instantly grab their phone and throw up a youtube video, Instagram picture and Tweet Pic. So in a crowd of my peers worst case scenario I die, best case scenario I die but become a viral video in the process and get a Tosh.O Web Redemption.

PS: I don't think he did, but in my world Luke makes the Grape Lady sounds when he goes down.