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Madden '15 glitch is high comedy

by Jon Henseler

'Not the most unrealistic part of this clip'- Rams fans watching Sam Bradford stay healthy for a play.

Alright so I'm on vacation but I figured I'd throw this puppy up on the blog because A) It's hilarious and B) I'm bored out of my mind after 72 hours off the job*. Like that's the really sad thing here. I've been off since Monday and I didn't even realize Madden '15 was out. 25 year old Jon would have taken off this week purely for the purpose of being at EB Games at midnight on Monday and standing in line with hundreds of other squids for the explicit purpose of buying the new copy of Madden. Then by this time Wednesday afternoon I'd already be 4 seasons and two Super Bowls into a Bills franchise or something. But do you know what 30 year old Jon has been doing? Gambling on UEFA soccer because that's the only spot on at 11am on a weekday and reading an 800 page biography on Teddy Roosevelt. All the while my PS3 sits in my entertainment center collecting dust like it was a hobby. I legitimately think the last time it was turned on was when I accidently grazed the power button with a Swiffer.

In any case this little clip of a guy getting pancaked blocked to the moon made me laugh this morning. You know who I bet isn't laughing? Roger Goodell. Paying out hundreds of millions of dollars in concussion lawsuits while simultaneously turning the NFL into the most watched flag football league all in an effort to quell people's fears about head injuries and violence in the game. You better believe him and his second in command Troy Vincent (Mr. Smee) will be finding the EA Sports intern responsible for this and putting them in the Boo Box.

*It actually hasn't been all that boring. In the life of a radio DJ/blogger if you take a week off of work you essentially have to find a way to fill 23 hours of free time that week.

PS: This clip IMMEDIATELY made me want to go to an arcade and play NFL Blitz.

Double PS: Still no the funniest Madden glitch of all time. The 90's ambulance running players over will never be topped. Oh no, there's a man down.