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Maine Man Doing Some....Redecorating to Protest a Rezoning.

by Jon Henseler

So this is the front lawn of our man David Labbe out in Maine. Long story short, a Dunking Donuts came to his house and wanted to buy him out and build a store on his property. Cha-Ching right! Nope! Turns out once his district found out about it they rezoned his property so that he couldn't accept the payout and Dunkin Donuts went elsewhere. So what does David Labbe do?! Starts a collection of toilet art on his front lawn that he plans to extend throughout the entire block of course! And not knowing 'details' on the entire story (I read like 40% of the article alright? I'll go to the library if I want to read) I can tell you with 400% certainty that this guy is above the age of 40. Because that's how older generations handle things. When the going get tough, the tough get even. If this guy were a part of my generation he probably would have Instagrammed a picture of himself looking like Eeyore, then promptly posted something passive-aggressive on Facebook and called it a day. Like you know how the World War II generation is called the 'Greatest Generation.' Well my generation is the 'Rollover and Quit Because I'd Rather Play Candy Crush and Watch Netflix Than be Proactive Generation.' Big problem for our country in about 10 years but that's a different blog for a different day. Bottom line is I'm on team Labbe for life! Somebody get to the Toilet Store  and help him become a champion for everyone who's ever said 'I hate my house so much I just wish a Dunkin Donuts would pay me to build a store on my property.'

PS: Dunkin' Donuts just opened in Sheboygan. Lunch yesterday? Half a dozen donuts and a latte. My prediction is type 2 diabetes for my by Thanksgiving.

Double PS: I would ABSOLUTELY be like Cosmo Kramer in this type of a deal. Dunkin Donuts would ring my doorbell and offer me a year's supply of donuts. Sold!