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Mallory Edens put the Bucks back on the map last night.

by Jon Henseler


( did it hurt....when you fell from heaven? )

Okay so on the off chance that you were watching something more entertaining than the NBA Draft lottery last night (Brewers game, Voice finale, Bar Rescue reruns, etc.) you missed probably the biggest moment for the Bucks since George Karl and Ernie Grunfeld condemned us to two decades of irrelevance by trading Ray Allen for Gary Payton. And that moment WASN'T getting the #1 pick, which if you follow the NBA's dealings even a little bit you knew we had no shot at, it was the debut of Mallory Edens. 'My God Jon relax she's only 18! Creep!' Fair enough. Although I would argue that since I'm still 'in my 20's' for another 27 days my creepy factor is far less than it will be in about a month. Guy in his 20's saying an 18 year old girl is hot is borderline creepy. Guy in his 30's saying an 18 year old is hot gets Chris Hanson's spidey sense tingling.

Either way whether you think it's creepy or not, our girl Mallory went from 200+ Twitter followers last night at 6:59pm to nearly 32,000 followers and counting at present. And creepiness aside I'm just happy the Bucks are are being shed in a positive light for once. Like yeah in a technical sense the Cavaliers* won the draft lottery last night but in a more real sense Mallory did. The only thing I'd be worried about if I were her would be that first tweet after last night. Having your Twitter following increase by about 5,000% in 15 hours puts a LOT of pressure on that first tweet to the masses. Just don't pull a Kendall Jenner and we should be okay.

*1.7% chance of winning and they pull it down for the second straight year and the 3rd time in 4 years overall. The 'we're sorry Lebron took his talents to South Beach' apology tour from the NBA to Cleveland continues. Hey NBA be more obvious you can't.

PS: While I was stalking researching Mallory's Twitter for this blog I did stumble upon this retweet:

I'm going to go ahead and disregard the fact that Ron Artest is a sociopath for a second and consider him a well researched and spoken NBA analyst.

Double PS: Wonder how Wesley Edens feels about all this attention his 18 year old daughter is getting today. Nothing says 'welcome to the city!' better than creepily stalking his teenage daughter.