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Mason Plumlee with the first NBA highlight I've enjoyed in two years.

by Jon Henseler

Alright so I think this might be a day old but my Facebook interface updated and I can't figure out my news feed to save my life so it is what it is. One item on my news feed is from 4 minutes ago, the next is from last week Tuesday, I can't make heads or tails of it. In fact I'm thinking of writing a threatening post on my Facebook wall about quitting Facebook. Don't make me do it Zuckerberg! Don't make me issue false threats about your program while simultaneously using it! I'll switch to Google Plus and become a social media Stephen Glansburg if I have to!

So yeah pretty sure this went down two nights ago but it's worth posting today because I think it's my favorite highlight from the NBA since the dial up era. Everything about it is enjoyable. The fact that it's Lebron getting stuffed, the fact that it's a giant doofy white guy from Duke swatting it away like a pale-Mutombo, the reaction from Lebron afterwards where it looks like he genuinely believes they're going to restart the game and give him free throws, it's all A++. Kind of rekindled my Lebron hate fire too. Back in the summer of 2010 when he was 'taking his talents to South Beach' I blogged about my disdain for him daily *. Like he was HIGH up on my hate list. Right up there with skim milk and Al Queda in my top 3. But then after watching him win a few championships and slowing becoming disengaged with the NBA entirely he faded into the Bolivia n of my subconscious. Well that postgame interview poured gas all over that kindling! Prepare yourself King James! Multiple internet shots fired!

*Man looking back at those old blogs was a trip. Like I seem to have really cared about my job 4 years ago. Those blogs had superior metaphors, sentence structure(ish), videos, hell a few even had thesis statements. Sort of like a text version of when you look back at old pictures on Facebook where you're younger, thinner and more optimistic. Oh 2010 Jon. You still believe there's more out there for you when in reality there is far, far less.

PS: You know the fact that no foul was called had to sneaky chap David Stern's ass. He stops writing scripts for 75 days and all of a sudden Lebron isn't getting late game calls at home in win or lose situations! That whole officiating crew would have been in the Boo Box if Stern were still in charge.