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Meet Noah Ritter. Apparently he just took over the internet.

by Jon Henseler

(hey Grandpa I know you've got pressing business watching the Powerball but don't cut off a viral video in the middle of it, have some respect for the process)

I've got to be honest, these days when I click on the next 'viral' video my expectations are pretty tempered. I think that's primarily because in my capacity as a DJ/Blogger my job description has essentially become 'Internet Tour Guide.' So when you spend 26 hours a week, 40 weeks a year watching and repackaging viral videos it gets a little old. Kind of like how guys who work at sports radio stations ultimately will tell you that having to deal with sociopath callers and examining every minutia of every game for 4 hours a day ruins sports for them. But little Noah here made this degenerate smile today. Kid absolutely hijacks the mic and the scene at whatever county fair this is. He's a first ballot internet HOFer and in the next 24 hours he'll be on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Strange Brew and Jimmy Kimmel. Wouldn't shock me a bit if we see a Tosh.O Web Redemption in about a year and an ESPN 30 for 30 after that. "What if I told you a 5 year old Ginger who uses the word 'apparently' in every part of speech stole the internet with his charisma and your girlfriend with his style...an ESPN 30 for 30 presented by Buick.'

PS: I'd be lying if I said this kid didn't remind me a little bit of myself. Ginger, little too sure of himself at a young age, probably about to get kicked around by life a bit. Because while he's having fun now, he's probably 10 years away from making one of these:

And eventually turning into this:

30 going on 51.

Double PS: Between this and AJ Dalton signing a $115 million dollar deal with the Bengals it's been a HUGE week for redheads. Name a bigger 4 day period for Gingers you can't.