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Michael Sam about to be the first openly gay player in the NFL.

by Jon Henseler

So you can't go anywhere this morning without hearing about Michael Sam. It's everywhere. ESPN, Fox Sports 1, CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox News, etc. I'm actually just guessing on those last 5, I haven't turned on a non ESPN channel since my parents got B cable in 1999. Bottom line is all anyone is talking about is Michael Sam coming out as the first openly gay NFL player (presumably).

And I guess my thoughts are pretty well summed up by Newman up here in Jurassic Park (The melding of my two greatest social influences, Seinfeld and Jurassic Park. Name a subject matter that can't be summed up by a clip from either. You can't!). Like don't get me wrong, it took a TREMENDOUS amount of courage for this guy to be the first. I get that. And I get that it's a big story because of that. And I also get that he will probably inspire millions with his announcement. Which is awesome. Hell if before I die I've inspired tens or eights I'd be happy. But I guess I'm wondering if there are still people out there that are going to be shocked by this? Like are there people that are taken aback today? It's 2014 folks. If one of your concerns this morning is a gay player in the NFL it's probably time to re prioritize. As far as I'm concerned I couldn't care less about sexual orientation, race, creed, color or whether you were a Sega or Nintendo guy growing up (last one is still sort of  a big deal to me). You know what I care about? What can this guy bench press. What's his 40 time. Can he get to the quarterback in the NFL like he did at Missouri. Because if all of those check out then nothing else 'should' matter. 

I saw a question on a sports radio page asking if the Packers should draft him if he's available in the 3rd-5th rounds (where he's projected). Ummmmmm should we draft the SEC defensive player of the year to a defense that is costing Aaron Rodgers his prime one year at a time? In the words of James Earl Jones; Totes Magotes. And if someone is 'offended' by that then I don't know what to say to them. Grow up folks, judging people by their sexual orientation is so 1990's. 

PS: I will say this, whoever signs Richie Incognito should probably think twice before they draft Sam.

Double PS: Is there a chance there's an NFL general manager googling one of these this morning.