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Milwaukee Bucks redefining pathetic.

by Jon Henseler

(Pretty sure that's the exact same thing my job placement counselor in Stevens Point told me. Sound advice)

So this was making the rounds yesterday. Apparently the Bucks decided to send 'select' season ticket holders this package in the mail to help promote the draft lottery coming up a week from today. Now when they say 'select' I'm assuming they mean 'all' because I can't imagine how many there are at this point. Probably more of a book club than anything. But just the same you've got to question the logic here. 'Hey remember when we won a franchise low 15 games?! No? Well here ya go! Hopefully we'll suck slightly less in the future but probably not! PS: Please help us get a new arena! K bye!' Yikes. I guess they're still getting good pub out of it. The Milwaukee Bucks: Where any publicity is good publicity happens.

PS: If you think they Bucks are actually going to get the #1 pick you don't understand the first thing about the NBA.