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Nana the dog trying to catch treats is humorous internet content.

by Jon Henseler

I have nothing to really add to this and no idea why I watched it 6 times in a row but I thought it was hilarious. Simple pleasures for simple minds I guess. Also not a bad metaphor for Yuniesky Betancourt trying to make contact at the plate (boom roasted).

Now if you'll excuse me my two blog quota for the day has been fulfilled and it's time for me to take a 6 hour lunch break where I'll eat a 5 pound bag of Sour Patch Kids and wrap up season 2 of House of Cards. #bloglife

PS: I did a 'print screen' to crop a photo in Paint for the tease image to this blog and noticed the Google Chrome windows I had open. Pretty much a typical day at 10:30am for a radio DJ/blogger. News site in case someone walks into the studio, Youtube video, Sportsbook, blog window, Netflix, ESPN, fantasy Sports. Deplorable.