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New app called 'secret.li' supposed to help hide things on your FB you don't want people to see.

by Jon Henseler

Well with school getting back into session and the 'hiring' season on the way, the new app 'secret.li' is about to debut. Apparently it's supposed do exactly what you see in the above picture to the pictures you have on social media that you wouldn't want a prospective employer to see; pixilate them out entirely. To say this is a bad idea would be like saying Rocky V 'slipped' a bit. If I'm hiring staff for an unpaid gig at Strange Brew and I see a photo on a potential employee's facebook page that is entirely pixilated I'm going to think it's a photo of way worse things than it probably actually showed before secret.li took over and put dirty thoughts in my head. And not only am I going to assume the worst, I'm probably going to contact my IT department (my buddy who works part time at Best Buy) to find out a way around the app so I can see what the picture actually depicted. It's like when someone sends you a link that's 'NSFW' at work. You click it 100 times out of 100. In fact I don't think I've ever NOT clicked on a NSFW link at work. I have an unblemished record in that department. That new Larry David HBO movie 'Clear History' could be a story of my Monday-Friday. Basically every day at 5pm I'm shredding hard drives and documents like a scene from the beginning of Argo. So if you're concerned about what an employer might see on your social media pages, chances are what's there isn't as bad as what they THINK will be there once you apply this app.

PS: I heard a job placement counselor in Sheboygan once tell a group of graduating seniors that they should shut down their Facebook, Twitter, etc. while they're applying for jobs to avoid employers seeing things they wouldn't want them to see. Pound for pound the worst advice I've ever heard. If I get an application and I search for you on Facebook to see what you're really like and you don't have a profile that's all I need to know.

Double PS: When I hear app I still think of motz sticks.