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Old Guy Dancing to 50's music is hot internet fire.

by Jon Henseler

Boss Mode: Engage. I mean how about Blue here! Just tossing his canes aside like toothpicks once Rock Around the Clock hit. That's his jam and he couldn't hold it in anymore. I guess given his age though that song was probably a Top 40 hit when he was in his 20's. So this would be like me dancing to Usher's 'Yeah' in 2045. Given that context I can't knock this guy's hustle. We all have that song. He just strapped his groceries to his belt and starting stealing everyone's girlfriend like he was on Octogenarian American Bandstand. Like in the span of 1:45 he went from dancing with two canes to dancing with two women. Pretty impressive stuff. One of them might have even been pre-menopausal. I guess it's true what Gloria Estefan said, the rhythm is gonna get you.

PS: I want to believe this video wasn't staged more than I've wanted anything in my life. If this old dude shows up in Jimmy Kimmel in a week and he was really a young guy in costume I may lose all faith in humanity.

Double PS: You know what this guy looks like? I real life Statler from Statler and Waldorf: