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Old School Packer/Bear MNF Intro from 1994

by Jon Henseler

Well this hits the nostalgia bone pretty hard. Man I remember how awesome Monday Night Football used to be. I think I was 10 (I was born around 1984 ) when this game aired but I can recall how awesome it was when your team was on MNF at that age. Got to go to school looking fresh to death in a Packer sweatshirt. Sat around all day sleepwalking my way through math worksheets and Nicene Creeds. Just couldn't wait to stay up past my bedtime and watch the Pack on national TV. At halftime flip on Raw to see what Stone Cold and The Rock were up to, whether or not Sable had clothes on, just a great time overall. Nowadays it's a battle to stay awake past my bedtime and I dread Tuesday morning. I still sleepwalk my way through 'math worksheets' (work) and Nicene Creeds, and I basically wear Packer gear to work everyday, so that hasn't really changed I suppose. Actually when you truly boil it down my life hasn't changed much other than I get tired quicker. Either way should be pretty fun tonight, Pack favored by 10.5 and I think they cover EASILY. Bears defense has been a sieve even with Briggs and Cutler's whispering eye has him dodging us again. Combine that with a likely return of James Jones and the Pack should roll.

PS: Can we just get Hank Jr back on MNF for the intro already. Man you use Hitler as a metaphor ONE time and everyone gets bent out of shape.

Double PS: I remember this game vividly as well. Hurricane Ditka hit well before kickoff and the Pack still put up 33 points. And 3 of those touchdowns in the slop came from none other than Edgar Bennett. His mudder was a mudder!