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On a sad baseball day, Street Fighter 2 'Best of Church Edition' is here to save!

by Jon Henseler

Tough day on the Wisconsin sports scene today. I've pretty much been walking around like George Michael Bluth with Charlie Brown music playing in the background since yesterday when the Braun news broke. Not even Iron Sheik's Twitter feed could cheer me up. And normally nothing gets me in my happy place faster than elicit racism and sexism in broken English. But for whatever reason, Street Fighter 2 Church Edition did the trick! The sound effects, the Haduken's, it had it all. Once again the internet reminds me that for every depressing PED scandal that effects my sports teams there is an equally awesome video of mid-80's church scenes set to mid-90's video games to balance me out. 

PS: Best Street Fighter character was Guile and it's not even a debate. He had the sick flat top, the American army fatigues and the Sonic BOOOOM. As patriotic as it gets. I suppose an argument could be made for Ken but he was essentially just a white version of Ryu. And if you picked Ryu in Street Fighter you were the worst kind of person. That was like picking the Mariners in Ken Griffey Baseball or the Raiders is Tecmo Super Bowl. Grow up. But aside from Guile I was either a Blanka or Vega (boy? girl? I dunno) guy. I once played a kid in Street Fighter at the old arcade in Sheboygan called Aladdin's castle. Little bro picked freakin' Dhalsim. Cockiest move I've ever seen in arcade history. No one picks Dhalsim on their own accorde. No one. I assumed he had to be elite level and just walked away. 

Double PS: Chun Li's high kick. Yes please.