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On the subject of booing Rickie Weeks and a move to left field.

by Jon Henseler

So I went to the Brewer/Yankee game on Saturday night and noticed a phenomenon that I've seen 2 or 3 other times this year: booing Rickie Weeks. And I've gotta say, I'm not sure I get it. Like I understand that he gets paid an exorbitant amount of money and, for the most part, has been a career underachiever. Actually career underachiever probably puts it mildly. Sort of like calling The Godfather III 'somewhat underwhelming.' But nevertheless, he has had some decent seasons in a Brewer jersey. He never became the .280, 30 home run, 100 RBI, 20 stolen base a year guy we thought he might be, but still the guy has hit 140 homers and batted about .250 for his career*.

So with that said, I guess I don't understand the point of booing one of your own players at home. Like the college bro behind me on Saturday kept yelling 'Rickie Weeks is the WORST EVER BOOOOOO' ALL NIGHT! First of all, do you even hyperbole bro? Worst ever? I'll grant you maybe the kid was too young to remember the days of Ronnie Belliard and Junior Spivey but Rickie Weeks is FAR from the worst 2nd baseman we've even watched in the last decade. And second of all this guy boos him all night and then guess what, Rickie hits home the game winning RBI! And then the next day has three hits and scores the game winning run! BOOOOOOO! How dare you try and help us win games! The nerve!

Again I get booing players for the right reasons. Gary Sheffield got booed at home because he took a shot at Milwaukee while he was still in a Brewer jersey. Michael Vick got booed because he murdered dogs. Jeff Suppan got booed because he murdered our hopes and dreams. Those all make sense. But booing a guy who could still be a huge part of a pennant run just doesn't make sense and you look like a moron when you do it at a home game and then the player you're getting on has a huge night and helps the team win. Thus endeth the lesson.

Now in terms of getting him in the lineup more I know a huge topic of conversation on Saturday after the game was Rickie reportedly turning down Roenicke when it was broached that he maybe give left field a shot since Khris Davis is making Yuniesky Bentancourt look as patient as Job at the plate. And reportedly Rickie's response was something to the effect of 'I'm a second baseman and I feel like I should be the second baseman right now.' Now I'm going to give Rickie the benefit of the doubt because I think he was first approached with the idea that afternoon and had to talk to the media about it a few hours later. Any one of us would be put off if we felt like we were doing our job and our boss wanted us to change our responsibilities. And who knows, maybe Rickie would be terrible in left field. But I seem to remember us asking him to play 2nd base a few years back and he wasn't great there either. Bottom line is, when Rickie is hitting the ball like he is now, we need him in the lineup. Especially with Braun and Ramirez down. I think if he's given some time he's going to make the right choice and at least shag a few fly balls and see how it feels. Because he does have to remember that he plays on a team where Ryan Braun moved from 3rd to left when he was asked and Robin frieking Yount moved from short to center under similar circumstances.

*I was going to spend a sentence right there defending his defense but realized it was a lost cause. And I once put together an argument in defense of the Nazi's during a mock-trial re-imagining of the Nuremberg trials in high school. On his best day he's still a 'hold your breath when a ball is hit to second' and on his worst day he looks like Julian from Big Daddy.