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One of the worst beats in poker history last night. 1 million dollars lost on pocket aces.

by Jon Henseler

Brutal times infinity. I'll admit it's been a while since I've played hold'em poker consistently* but when you lose a million dollars sitting on pocket aces and you lose to another guy with pocket aces who back-doors a flush on the river is an absolute kick in the Pedro. A pot you split 98% of the time and you end up losing with pocket rockets. I mean he handled it about as well as you can. I honestly think I would have magic-ed up a samurai sword on the spot and seppukued myself right then and there.

*I remember during the WSOP revolution in the early 2000's on ESPN when Chris Moneymaker was a household name, my buddies and I would play every hold'em just about every night. We all just kind of did it to have a good time but one of our friends, Paul, took it really seriously. I'm talking REALLY seriously. He had the shades on in an already dimly lit room, read up on all the 'unwritten rules', learned how to flip his chips around with one hand, the works. I think he even practiced his various poker faces in the mirror for a few hours a day. Treated every night like it was Teddy KGB's place when we were playing $5 buy in. So of course being the good friends we all were, we went out of our way to do everything wrong in the book. Go all-in every hand. Bet blind, table talks, the works. Sure he won all of our money but we made sure he was mildly irritated for a few hours while he did it. So you know, advantage us.

PS: Also I know the overwhelming feeling to that of empathy for this Drinan guy who lost but take it from a degenerate from another mother (sports gambling), these loses don't just happen. There's a gambling karma that exists EVERYWHERE. This guy did something awful in his life to deserve this. You don't just lose a million bucks on pocket aces like that on chance. That's why I donate to every charity on the planet. I'm a Partner in Hope for St. Jude, send money to the heart disease foundation, diabeetus research, the human fund, all of it. Does giving money to cancer research guarantee my baseball parlay hits tonight? Maybe not. But it doesn't hurt.

Double PS: You know when poker on ESPN jumped the shark? When this guy became the face of the sport: