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One week after Ric Flair pumps up the NIners; Hulk Hogan jacks up the Pats.

by Jon Henseler

First of all, say what you will about steroids, but if they make you look this good at 60 I don't care if your nuts are the size of Nerds, I'm starting the Barry Bonds plan tomorrow. 

That said, if you don't think every NFL team is going to get an 80's or 90's wrestling icon to pump their team up before the playoffs then you are outside of your mind. Last week the Nature Boy leads the Niners to victory, this week Hulk Hogan is getting the Pats jacked to 11 for their game against the Colts. Like when I saw the line for that game was Pats -7.5 I thought that was a little much. Now I am HAMMERING not only that but every quarter line as well. No way New England doesn't win by 3 touchdowns minimum. Kiss Andrew Luck and his weird neck beard goodbye.

PS: Only problem with this philosphy of success is that 80's and 90's wrestling stars are dying at the rate of fruit flies lately. Like there aren't that many left. One guy the Packers should bring in next year is Ultimate Warrior though. How that guy is alive I'll never know. Guy did more blow and more steroids than anyone and he's still alive and kicking. I picture him and Keith Richards waking up every morning, looking in the celebrity obits, not seeing each other and both saying 'your move.'

Double PS: Has everyone seen this Hulk Hogan Wrecking Ball parody? Nightmare fuel.