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Packers break the losing streak, 1/2 game back!

by Jon Henseler

(yup, that's a 'jif' Trebeck)

Well would you look at that! Look who's back in the playoff race! After 5 weeks that saw 4 losses and a tie, FINALLY everything goes Green Bay's way yesterday*. Packers gut out a win against Atlanta and the Lions continue to shock absolutely no one by falling apart quicker than Jessie Spano on caffeine pills when the pressure is on. So while everyone was drawing a chalk outline around the Packers the last few weeks in Green Bay, before you know it they're a half game out of the playoffs. 

- Matt Flynn played well, Lacy toughed out an injury, Crosby was perfect, defense was shut down in the second half; but THIS was the biggest move of the day:

- Eddie Lacy's numbers weren't flashy, but he was a grinder on a sprained ankle, scored a TD and caught three passes. Plus he once again was facing stacked fronts with 8 guys each weighing between 250-330 pounds essentially playing Red Rover at the line of scrimmage. I don't know much about Lacy as a dude, but I think I can guess which wallet is his.

- This was the Flynn we needed to see yesterday. Detroit wasn't all his fault but that was a pathetic effort. Yesterday he got time and completed 75% of his passes on an awful weather day. If it weren't for that fluke interception he would have had a QB rating over 100. I'm not sure if we need him for another start but if we do, that was encouraging. He doesn't have to be flashy, just get the job done. Like an average, domestic beer. Cost effective and gets you drunk with no frills. Yesterday Matt channeled his inner Busch Light.

- Considering our defense looked as smooth as Tim Tebow's throwing motion the last 5 weeks (boom roasted), I'll take the second half shut out. And 7 of the 21 points they didn't even give up. Yeah it was against a 3-9 team that's had a terrible offensive year, but as the old saying goes 'even if it's doesn't prove much it still proves something.'

- I just made up that old saying and it's not actually terrible. Borderline doesn't make any sense but that's why it works. Socrates made a career on that. Read a book.

- Andrew Quarless folks! That day reminded me of the scene in Juno where her dad finds out Paulie Bleeker knocked her up. I didn't think he had it in him.**

So all we need to 3 more wins and one more Lions screw up and bingo bango we're in by the skin of our teeth. And I hope all the people that were calling for Rodgers to sit out the rest of the year and for us to lose games on purpose to get a better draft pick won't be allowed to watch this team if they make the playoffs. Couldn't believe all that talk going on this past week. What are we the Bucks? Yeah if we backdoor our way into the playoffs maybe we get smoked by Seattle or New Orleans or San Fran. So what. We thought the same thing was going to happen in 2010 and then Aaron Rodgers went beast mode and left a trail of tears in his wake. When you have a top 3 player all you need to do is get in. 

*Love how a 5 week stretch of 'bad' is torture for fans like me who grew up on the 90's Packers. Browns fans: eat a dick.

** Two Juno references in back to back weeks. Guess who caught up to 2007 on his Netflix queue! Coming next year to Strange Brew: Avatar references.