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Packers Bungle the Bengal Game

by Jon Henseler

Ahhhhhhh happier times right there folks. Never forget that day as long as I live. My Dad and I were on our way to a baseball card show in town during the game (Which shows you how much faith people had in the Packers at the time that we would actually leave the house during a game. It's what was later termed Post Infante Apathy. Is this the longest parenthetical aside is literary history? Got to be close right?) and listened to the end in his '84 Ford Escort*. Hearing Jim Irwin's (potentially drunk) call, and Max McGee's (definitely drunk) glee turned me into a Packer fan forever. You just sensed something special was happening. What does this have to do with yesterday? Absolutely nothing. But sometimes it's just best to relive good moments after a loss. It's like the old saying, when the going gets tough, the emotionally stunted ignore it while the empire crumbles around them. It's a lesser known proverb but just as true.

- 3 games. 3 calls with Buck and Aikman. Honest to God I don't think I've ever seen that happen where one team gets the same broadcast team for their first three games of the season. They're like Ned Ryerson . They just keep showing up.

- Kind of a weird day for Johnathan Franklin right? Highly touted out of college, disappeared like Mr. Turner from Boy Meets world during training camp. Then comes in because of injuries and racks up 103 yards on 13 carries but ultimately has the most costly fumble of the day that yields the winning touchdown. Yay I guess? It's like one of those scenes in Pawn Stars where someone brings in what they think is an authentic copy of the Declaration of Indepence and they're going to be millionaires, only to have that weirdo in the Heisenberg hat tell them it's not authentic but still rare and they make like $10,000.

- I know batting balls down isn't a new thing but since JJ Watt got into the league it seems like it happens WAY more than it used to. All of sudden everyone is Dikembe Mutombo in a Geico commercial out there.

- Between the Brewers and Packers this year what is the deal with hamstring injuries. Like can I donate my hamstrings to Clay Matthews and Casey Hayward? I don't think I've used them since 2004 and I certainly don't need them to blog. I'll Lt. Dan it up if it means we get our defense back to full strength.

- The next good reason I hear as to why Jeremy Ross still returns kicks will be the first. Averages about 15 yards a return when he's not literally giving away points. Plus he looks so indecisive at this point you've got to wonder where his head is at. Reminds me of Costanza trying to park cars every time he's on the field. 

All in all a pretty frustrating day. You spot a team 14 points, then score 30 unanswered only to loss on a fluke fumble play. And people can spare me the song and dance with going for it on 4th and inches. If we're taking a page from the Lombardi playbook, if you can't get six inches when it matters you don't deserve to win anyway. You pick that up it's worth at least 2 more minutes of game time and if you go in for 6 it's sheets. No one and I mean NO ONE could predict what happened there. If you run that play 100 times, 99 times you either get the first or just get stuffed. 1 time your guy fumbles it, then another one of your guys tackles the guy who recovers it, the ball squirts forward to another player on the opposing team and that player takes it to the house. Bye week couldn't be coming at a better time and our schedule eases a tad. Remain calm. All is well!

*Had to trade in his '67 Corvette to get that because he had kids. Yet another reason not to start a big kid life. That and an intense fear of commitment and barely being financially solvent but those are two different issues for two different days.

PS: This was in the related videos section of that Favre video. Interesting stuff. If you ever said to yourself 'self, you says, I'd like to watch 8 minutes on the life and times of Don Majowski.'