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Packers dispose of Brown, take over 1st place.

by Jon Henseler

I think those that know me know that on Monday's after big wins I like to talk a little trash behind the safety of a keyboard, locked door, and internet alias. It's like my Masters, a tradition unlike any other. Except that it's a lot like other people's traditions but let's not get hung up on semantics. So yeah, when we beat the Bears, or the Lions or Vikings or whatever I think we all like to gloat about it a little the next day. But in the words of a great philosopher, Dikembe Mutombo, 'no no no, not today.' Because for whatever reason I've always kind of felt like Browns fans and Packer fans are from the same ilk. And yesterday confirmed it. When I was at the game I ran into a TON of Browns fans and they were all good natured, Midwestern folk like us. Just looking to drink some beer and enjoy a Sunday of football. One of them even said to me 'a day with Browns football is still better than a day without Browns football.' Like really think about that statement and then consider how much passion you have to have as a Browns fan to say that given their recent history. I just wanted to give that guy a hug. And I'm pretty sure they tailgate all day and get after just like we do in Green Bay, they just don't have the 13 championships, cathedral stadium or back to back HOF quarterbacks. They're basically bizarro world Packers. So you won't hear me utter a slight in their directions this morning. Cheer up Browns fans, there's always Cavs season, Indians season, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

- Looks like Aaron Rodgers is going to be okay after huh? Love it when he has two games in a row where he only throws for one touchdown and people to into panic mode like Jackie Moon. Yeah he's probably not going to have a new high score for TD passes or yards this year, so what. He had a 117.8 QB rating yesterday with Jordy Nelson and, as Bill the Butcher would say, a few crusty b!itches and a hand full of rag tags.

- How about Jarrett Boykin dropping an 8 catch, 100 yard, 1 TD day in everyone's eye? No biggie. Honestly I know we try to keep things realistic here at Strange Brew, but the guy sort of reminds me of Randall Cobb. He's a little bigger, but he's got speed and goes across the middle. He's the 'ish' version of Cobb. He's Cobb-ish.

- Jay Cutler going down with a 'lower body' injury renewed my faith that there is a God and he lobbed everyone a comedic softball. Whispering eye  jokes all over Facebook yesterday. See I told you we wouldn't cast a stone at Cleveland. When in doubt, lob an internet grenade at Jay Cutler.

- I'm not totally unconvinced that Al Harris isn't Benjamin Button and is a younger version of himself and a 'House' on the back of his jersey. Kid is legit.

- I missed it, did we suite up 46 active players yesterday? If not I was kind of hoping for a Hunger Games-esque drawing of everyone who is a stock holder to win the right to be the '46th man' for the day. If it was me and I got in the game though, I think I would look a lot like Marty's torso at the end of the game. Nice hands Marty!

- Jermichael Finley, I realize there's probably a 99.9% chance you don't read Strange Brew, but if you do, get better man. Scary stuff yesterday. You pray it's not a Nick Collins situation but beyond that just hope the guy doesn't have long term after effects.

So after a dicey 3 games to start the year, a Lou Brown winning streak and alone in first place! Have to say I felt a little bad yesterday for Ryan Longwell in his Lambeau return. They put him on the jumbo-tron and I got up to give him a bid standing O, then the public address guy goes 'alright Packer fans, welcome back the Packers all time leading scorer, Ryan Longwell!' and the crowd went boo-bananas. Reminded me of this scene from Princess Bride:

To say I grossly misinterpreted the situation would be an understatement. Hang in there Ryan. It gets better? He did get a look on his face that kind of made me laugh. Sorry if I offended you with my friendship Packer fans!