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Packers ship the bed, still somehow one win away.

by Jon Henseler

(what's the ruling on being turned on by a picture of yourself?)

Now as you can tell by my skin tone, I don't leave my blogging lair often. My face blends into the white sky like ginger-camouflage. But kids, if you're going to go out into public, go big. And that's just what I did yesterday by rocking my 1995 Packer Starter Pullover Jacket. Yeah I capitalized everything there. I learned a long time ago to capitalize words that are important and when it relates to a Starter jacket basically the whole sentence should be in caps lock. And yes I was fully prepared to be jumped, stabbed, and have this jacket stolen from me and sold in the streets somewhere, but that's the risk you take when you live the Starter jacket lifestyle. Is it a little scary? No doubt. But that's the life of an internet journalist. When I go out in public, I represent my blog and my blog's staff (my dog, Word paperclip). You lead from the front folks. 

Anyway I'm not going to break down this one like we normally do because at the end of the day with Detroit continuing to Detroit their season and with the Eagles taking the Bears' wife out for a nice seafood dinner and never calling her again, it's basically like yesterday never happened. We're right back to square one. Win in Chicago and you're in. Just absurd that we're sitting at 7-7-1 without our QB1 out for 8 weeks and there's STILL a chance we are hosting a playoff game in two weeks. It's like we've got a Game Genie cheat on where we have unlimited guys or something. Now the question again becomes whether or not Rodgers will suit up. And maybe an even bigger question at this point is whether or not Eddie Lacy will be playing. Not to mention the ClayMaker's season probably came to an end yesterday as well. But despite all of that if you don't think we can't win in Chicago you are outside of your mind. And if you turn that trick who knows what can happen. Seattle finally looked vulnerable yesterday. I still can't wrap my brain around Carolina being good. New Orleans is faltering, San Fran isn't the powerhouse we thought they would be and whomever escapes the NFC East is about as intimidating as Charlie Day with gun fever. So while it isn't likely we make a run like we did in 2010, it's also extremely likely. Just need a healthy A-Rod and the Same ol' Jay, and next week at this time we'll be talking about an NFC North championship.

PS: Not only did the Eagles do us a HUGE favor by throttling the Bears yesterday, there was also this sign at the game. So much win.