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Packers Shut the Lights Out on the Metrodome, Winning Streak Alive and Well

by Jon Henseler

Look I know there are going to be A LOT of blogs and editorials this morning written about Greg Jennings 1 catch, 9 yard performance in last night's prime time showdown with his former team. And lot of folks are going to point out that in his first year in Minnesota about the most productive thing he's probably done is have Prince make him pancakes. I mean the guy's on pace for about 700 yards and 5 TDs. Not quite the yield I'm sure Zygi Wilf wanted when he went shopping at the Packer Goodwill Store. But as I said at the time when he signed the contract, I'm not going to hate on a guy for taking more money. He chose a boat of money and irrelevance over a slightly smaller boat of money and contending year in year out with a HOF fame quarterback. His bed, now he sleeps in it. But with all that said, I'm going to guess he played the role of Champ Kind when he was whispering sweet nothings into Aaron Rodgers' ear last night:

I miss your musk Aaron! 

- I know these are fighting words considering what he's done in his career, but those two touchdown passes to Jordy Nelson might have been two of the best of his career. Like he legit just about threw THROUGH a defender on the first TD toss. I felt like I was watching a magic trick. What is this sorcery! And on a night where Christian Ponder couldn't hit Greg Jennings if he were the only one on the field, you'd imagine it had to sting him a little watching Rodgers fit balls into space literally centimeters wide. 

- ^That's what she said.

- I don't want to go too crazy but does Micah Hyde remind anyone else of Desmond Howard the way he returns punts? Not a speed burner but knows sort of exactly where to go? Dude's so smooth his nickname should be Conditioner.

- One of my sneaky favorite sideline reports was Michelle Tafoya at the half quoting Leslie Frazier as 'we are absolutely NOT considering a quarterback switch.' Yeah bro, you and everyone else with Matt Cassel as their backup. 

- Maybe one of the worst PI calls of all time last night. Tramon Williams made about as much contact as me with a girl at a middle school dance*. Ticky tack city.

- Anyone else feel like they were watching a Badger game at times last night? Lacy bruising for 4 or 5 yards a pop and Starks stinging them for 8 and 9 per carry late. Like if our offensive line keeps playing like this and those two guys stay healthy, we've basically got a Badger running attack with Aaron Rodgers as our quarterback. Really think about that statement.

- I know there will be a few people out there whaaaa-ing about the fact that we gave up 31 points, but most of that was garbage time. Plus on the Gerhart TD run Jennings got hit-sticked by him on his way in, so it was sorta worth it.

Overall a solid win and a good way to close our history at the humpty dump. 5-2, right on the fringe of battling for a 1st round playoff bye at about the halfway point. Plus our schedule lines up REALLY nice the rest of the way. Cutler's out on Monday, the Eagles are in shambles, and teams like the Falcons and Steelers don't look nearly as scary as they did on the schedule in say, August. I thought our schedule was a murderer's row when the season started and figured we'd be around 10-6, 11-5. Now looking at it, as we get healthier I don't see why 12-4, 13-3 isn't a real possibility.

*That's not true he made way more contact.