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Packers sign tight end Colt Lyerla as a rookie free agent.

by Jon Henseler

(Packers sign a guy with character issues so let's be sure to take a picture of him where he makes Hannibal Lector look like a good choice for a child's birthday party. Be better JSONLINE, I'm paying for this !)

So as usual Ted Thompson had a crop of undrafted free agents in for rookie mini camp this past weekend and he ended up signing 5 of them. The most intriguing of which is this dude, Colt Lyerla from Oregon. Apparently the guy put on a FILTHY combine in February where he ran a 4.61 40* (fastest among ALL tight ends) and had a 39 inch vertical which was 6 inches higher than the next best tight end. Some mock drafts indicate that if he didn't have 'character issues' he would have been a 1st or 2nd round pick.

Now what are those character issues you might ask? Well he apparently got kicked off the team at Oregon for undisclosed reasons, got pulled over high on cocaine shortly after and then intimated that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings were a hoax on a Twitter post last fall. Yikes. That will sink your character faster than a taped phone call with V Stiviano.

So I noticed after he was officially signed a lot of Packer fans were upset about him not being a 'Packer guy.' I guess I'm not sure what that even means? We've had our fair share of guy's with character issues before. Johnny Jolly had his purple drank issues. Koren Robinson had alcohol issues. Cletdius Hunt had his 'not good at football' issues. We've seen them all. Sure they haven't been publicized like we're the 90's Cowboys but they're there. So given this dude's potential, I think it's a low risk, high reward situation. Best case scenario he lives up to his potential and becomes a Pro Bowl tight end and an elite weapon for Aaron Rodgers for years to come. Worst case scenario he gets busted doing blow with the discount double check kid and we cut him. Plus I'm not sure how awful these supposed character issues are. Plenty of talented athletes don't mesh well with the college scene so I can see that. And while I've never done cocaine (thin mints though so maybe I sneaky have?), from what I understand it's basically like weed at this point so we can get beyond that with a little supervision. The Sandy Hook thing is clearly loony tunes but I think we've all said things we regret when we're 22 years old. And some of us still type them daily at 29 so I'm not going to cast a stone. Let's give the kid a chance to prove himself.