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Packers/Redskins, the 'not a must win but totally a must win' win.

by Jon Henseler

I can't think of a better metaphor for watching Aaron Rodgers play football live yesterday than the above video. Just unreal. Now in the interest of full disclosure, this recap is going to be a little spotty. I was in attendance yesterday and kicking back a few Coors Lights, a few old fashions, a few PBR tall boys a few jello shots, just basically playing alcohol Bingo. So when it comes to 'details' and 'specifics' like who did what and what the final score was, it's a little hazy. Kind of felt like the movie Memento this morning when I woke up. Hit up Packers.com to watch highlights, took a look at some texts I sent out, some pictures I took, just trying to piece together the day like it was a crime scene. I even wrote a note on my hand during the game of something that I remember was going to be KILLER content but when I looked at it this morning it just said 'Rotlen.' So there's that. If I would have died yesterday that's what my family's lasting memory of me would have been. Rotlen.

- I'll tell you the BEST thing about being at Lambeau? You can't hear a single thing Joe Buck or Troy Aikman say. Are we on CBS next week in Cincy? I hope so. And I generally hate it when we're on CBS and not Fox. But that's what Buck and Aikman do. They make Shannon Sharpe look like a skilled orator.

- How about James Starks yesterday folks. You ever play a video game, save it at one point, then do a bunch of stuff that doesn't work and you want to start over again from that save point? THAT'S what Starks reminded me of yesterday. Just load up his game from playoffs 2010. If that's how he's going to run and he stays healthy I would expect him and Lacy to be in timeshare city.

- Thank Christ I kept James Jones in my fantasy lineup after his goose-egg last week. I had one of those weeks where I took him out and put him in about 324324 times. Put him in for good Sunday morning and reaped the rewards of a Boldin-esque day. Next week I fully expect 1 catch for 4 yards.

- I'm not sure how you rank Aaron Rodgers' lifetime performances but that has to be up there. If it were a closer game he would have thrown for 600 yards a 6 TD's easy. No matter where you put it in his historical context, I think that's early runner for an add to his passing Boner Jams '13. It's just going to be a compilation of the hottest passes that I was really into from the Fall of 2013.

- Happiest guy on earth that A-Rod didn't throw for one more yard? Matt Flynn.

All in all it was one of those games that wasn't a must win because 'no game is a must win in September' but once you do win it was totally a must win. This game in Cincy isn't going to be a picnic and there's no way you wanted to hit the road 0-2. Also how weird is it to be 'nervous' about Cincinnati? Like has that ever happened? That's one of those teams that will always just be the Bungles to me. And they've even been in the playoffs the last two years! Still, in my mind they are the epitome of ineptitude. Pretty sure they could win Super Bowls in 3 of the next 5 years and I would still think we should win by 40 when we play them.

PS: If you're at Lambeau this year, do yourself a favor and hit up the Pac n' Cheese stand outside of section 103. Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. Life changing like the first time you heard the song 'Imagine.' Of course that, combined with PBR, a burger with some Vidalia Onion sauce and Bloody Mary's to start the day have my colon on a trip to Belize today.